Merichas, Kythnos Island

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Transfer Services

By visiting the island for fun, relaxation, vacation, social matters or business, our company guarantees to transfer you to your destination with services of high standard. Our modern fleet is always the best choice of transportation with high security and comfort standards. Our vehicles are being daily checked to remain in perfect condition. The small details make the difference so if you want to give to your transport or tour luxury and comfort, our VIP transfer services are just right for you. Make a reservation for your transfer with Delta Premium Drive and our driver will be waiting for you at your desired spot.

Security VIP Services

Private security services from our professional staff for providing a full series of security services and escort with responsibility, discrimination and absolute secrecy.  Choosing the safest path during your transfer and checking the destination site before your arrival at the spot, are two of the security services that our company provides. The discrimination and the efficiency that characterize our Person escort services constitute the guarantee for your personal safety.

Private Driver

Discover the unique beauty of Kythnos in a private tour with a car. Explore different sites, impassable tracks and isolated beaches by choosing the suitable vehicle from our fleet that a conventional car couldn’t take you to. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Our services are designed in such a way to meet your higher standards.